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The Services

Media + Content Planning & General Digital Strategy

Tired of doing half the work yourself? Not only coming up with great ideas again and again, but having to research the competition, keep up with trends, set an editorial calendar and communicate back and forth with writers.. learning new ad platforms every week and trying to stay on top of A/B tests to increase your revenue?

Do yourself a favor, let me do all those things, and more, for you.

If you hire me to take complete control, that’s exactly what I’ll do.

And not only will your workload decrease, the results you see will increase, as well.

I’ll research the competition and keep an eye on trends to maximize the results of every post I schedule. I will interact with your site’s audience in a productive way, even if it means having to go the extra mile and do some more research or provide a quick solution. I will share on my social media profiles, and start to interact with influencers in your niche.

Minimum duration: None, work with me only for as long as you feel I am providing value.

Minimum Digital Marketing Budget: $2000 Monthly

Fee: 20% Of Ad Spend & Agreed Upon Performance Bonus (No Start-Up Fees.)  / Or Hourly-based Consultancy at $50/Hour (Minimum commitment 10 hours over 2 month period.)

Google Ads Campaign Revitalization Or Creation

Struggle getting the results you want from your Google Ads campaigns?

I can help you siphon through the data to make smart improvements that have immediate effect.

One-off-consultation: $300-$1500, depends on the size of the campaign, the amount of data, the goals & the workload.

Monthly retainer: $300-$1500, depends on the size of the campaign, the amount of data, the goals & the workload.

Content Strategy & Creation

Already have an outstanding content plan, but lack outstanding writers? (Or this can be negotiated as a package deal together with content strategy.)

You supply me with one or more ideas, suggested angles and sources if any, and I churn out the best darn article or blog post I can within the desired time frame. (Usually I’ll want to limit the amount of writing to a maximum of 3 articles a week, less if long-form or very technical subject matter. Quality is as important to me as it should be to you, and that means that the writing takes more time than you might be used to.)

One-off-consultation: $300-$1500, depends on the size of the campaign & your goals.

Monthly retainer: $300-$1500, depends on the size of the campaign & your goals.

Local Search/Other Site Optimization

Not happy with the way your business site is performing in local search results?

Schedule a quick Skype call to find out what I can do to help you correct that, or other problems you might have with your site.


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