When A 1.25% Improvement Is Really A 24.55% Improvement – Tiny Improvements In Digital Marketing & Their Real Impact

If you are spending any amount of money on paid digital advertising, like Google Ads, or Facebook Ads, you are likely involved in a constant battle for tiny improvements. Tiny improvements on a variety of metrics that don’t immediately and obviously reflect what is happening at the bottom line.. CTR, CVR, Bounce Rate and many […]

Why You Should Master Analytics Before You Spend A Dollar On Ads – And A Crash Course in Google Analytics

I am not a big numbers guy. I almost (and should probably have) flunked out of math in my junior year of high school. I didn’t quite make it to calculus, I met my match at not-completely-basic-but-still-entry-level algebra. And yet, as a digital marketer, not only do I work with numbers, I rely on them […]