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About Me

My full name is Ragnar Terjeson Miljeteig (don’t worry about the full name, you can call me Ragnar) and I solve problems for a living.

I also happen to eat, breathe & sleep digital marketing, and have for multiple years.

I first got involved in the industry through the (notoriously scammy) Warrior Forum back wen I was 16, back in 2006.

The forums taught me that the best way to make money online, was literally pretending that you were able to teach other people how to make money online.. or create random no-value information products, and then selling the private label rights.

It took me more than 5 years to undo the damage that was done to me then.

I got my real start going on the content marketing side, building and optimizing WordPress sites as well as contributing to websites on a wide variety of topics; WordPress, Web Development, Marketing, etc.

From there, my short attention span and desire for the bigger & better drove me towards paid media, as scaling with the click of a few buttons sounded pretty cool. (I would soon find out it was a little bit more complicated than that.

My familiarity with Google Analytics and keyword research let me hit the ground running with Google AdWords, and my audience-focused research skills helped me level up fast on Facebook ads.

Starting from $50 gigs to correctly install conversion tag, and slowly building my way up.

Now I manage $1000s of dollars in Ad Spend for various companies around the globe.

Currently based in: Tokyo, Japan.

Fun fact: I’m trilingual. I’m fluent in Norwegian, English(obviously), and Japanese. (If you have any projects that cross over into two or more of these languages I would love to get involved.) Other than languages, my other major interests are technology, art, design and psychology.

I may be slightly obsessed with psychology. “What makes people tick” is something that really fascinates me. So whenever I write something I spend a great deal of my time looking at successful pieces of content on the particular topic I’m writing about, or the website I’m writing on, and analyzing why they work so well, where most of the readers would be in the buying cycle, and other things. I then use that knowledge to help shape my ideas, as well as the format and tone of my writing.

In my spare time, I do kickboxing multiple times a week, read the occasional novel in English, or if I’m feeling up for it, Japanese. I casually learn Chinese, read more blogs than I probably should.. and enjoy to cook.