Positioning Your Ecommerce Store For The Holidays – 3 Big Wins & A Mentality Shift

We’re in the middle of sale-a-palooza season. What does this mean for your ecommerce store? For starters, it probably means that you are either running or planning your own sales. But every kind of retailer, from your Amazons, Alibabas & Rakutens to your friendly neighborhood left-handed store owner (ho-diddely-ho-ho) are already lowering (or pretending to […]

When A 1.25% Improvement Is Really A 24.55% Improvement – Tiny Improvements In Digital Marketing & Their Real Impact

If you are spending any amount of money on paid digital advertising, like Google Ads, or Facebook Ads, you are likely involved in a constant battle for tiny improvements. Tiny improvements on a variety of metrics that don’t immediately and obviously reflect what is happening at the bottom line.. CTR, CVR, Bounce Rate and many […]

Why You Should Master Analytics Before You Spend A Dollar On Ads – And A Crash Course in Google Analytics

I am not a big numbers guy. I almost (and should probably have) flunked out of math in my junior year of high school. I didn’t quite make it to calculus, I met my match at not-completely-basic-but-still-entry-level algebra. And yet, as a digital marketer, not only do I work with numbers, I rely on them […]

This Free Book From 1923 Will Teach You More About Marketing Than Most 2018 Seminars – Here’s 11 of it’s top lessons.

I recently read the 1923 book ‘Scientific Advertising’ by Claude C. Hopkins (the man/book who taught Ogilvy advertising), and was blown away by how relevant most of the key concepts and lessons still were in 2018. While obviously, it’s not going to be groundbreaking for seasoned marketers, it can serve as an invaluable roadmap to […]