The Services

Complete Blog Management 

Tired of doing half the work yourself? Not only coming up with great ideas again and again, but having to find pictures, research the competition and interact with your audience? It takes time. Often more time than the actual writing itself!

So do yourself a favor, let me do all those things, and more, for you. If you hire me to take complete control, that’s exactly what I’ll do, and your workload will become incomparable to what it used to be. 

I’ll research the competition and keep an eye on trends to maximize the results of every post I write. I will interact with commenters properly, even if it means having to go the extra mile and do some more research. I will share on my social media profiles, and start to interact with influencers in your niche. Everything you used to have to do yourself, I will take care of. 


Delivery: Directly posted as a draft to your blog.

Single Article/Blog Post

Need some more specific, quality content, and fast? You supply me with one or more ideas, suggested angles and sources if any, and I churn out the best darn article or blog post I can within the desired time frame. (Usually I’ll want to limit the amount of writing to 3-4 articles a week, less if long-form or very technical subject matter. Quality is as important to me as it should be to you, and that means that the writing takes more time than you might be used to.)

Delivery: Your chosen document format, if nothing is specified, one .doc and one .txt file delivered by email.

Other Services
Although many of my choice topics are very online-friendly, in essence I am but a writer. One that welcomes challenges. If you would like me on board for a project that differs from the services listed here, please shoot me an email and we can discuss whether or not to go forward with it.


skype id: ragnartm1