8 Best WordPress Starter Themes And Frameworks For New WP Developers

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If you find the best WordPress starter theme for you, you can jump way way ahead in the learning curve of…

WordPress in 2016 – Where is it going?

Published on: 3rd February 2016 | At: WP Daily Themes

Belated Happy New year to everyone. Last month, Matt Mullenweg held his 10th State Of The Word speech, talking about how WordPress got to where it’s at, and perhaps more importantly, where it’s going...

Team Treehouse vs Code Academy vs Tuts+ (For Aspiring WordPress Developers)

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Most Popular Affiliate Programs for WordPress Related Site

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If you have a blog or website about WordPress, and you’re looking to increase revenue, this post will cover some of the most popular WordPress related affiliate programs. Something you might want to look into. If you’re new to the concept of making money online, you might not know what an affiliate program is. An affiliate program a company has….

What To Do If Your WordPress Site Gets Hacked

Published on: July 17th 2015 | At: WP Kube

So you head over to your site, and you notice that your WordPress site has been hacked… your first instinct might be to panic. Even if you have no backups whatsoever, there’s still a chance that you can restore your site to it’s former glory, outside of the clutches of the evil hacker, and this is a tutorial for exactly….

5 Default Security Threats in WordPress and How to Fix Them

Published on: 23rd June 2015 | At: WP Explorer

WordPress is a massively popular, completely open source piece of software. The great thing about that security-wise, is that there is a huge community that work with it, who are able to discover bugs as well as security risks quicker than one might with an in-house CMS solution. (It's hard to find out about weaknesses when one way to find…

6 Ways to Grow/Build Your Email List on Your WordPress Site

Published on: 3rd June 2015 | At: WP Explorer

An email list is not just a way to keep your audience up to speed, it can be an invaluable tool for business. Sure it’s a good way to get people to come back for more, but you can also slowly, steadily build consumer trust by providing value for free. You can then turn this into a sale or client further down the road. The best part is, you can pretty much automate the whole process......

Beginner’s Guide to Messing Around with WordPress (No Code Required)

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If you're new to WordPress, completely or relatively, it can seem a bit overwhelming to do anything other write and post, maybe categorize, and maybe install a social sharing plugin or three. But with a little guidance, you will easily be able to control parts of this massive piece of software that right now, you settle for trying not to…

How to Scan Your WordPress Site for Malware and Threats

Published on: April 17, 2015 | At: WP Kube

These days, where online crime is starting to overtake crime in real life, it’s important to learn how to protect yourself and your website, especially if your income relies on it. Anyone with a website is a potential target, but anyone with a completely unchanged, standard version of WordPress (with the username admin and a generic password) has a big….